New! Tarot Emporium Community

Here is something new at Tarot Emporium, the start of our Community pages. First stop, Forum, where you can ask questions, upload your tarot readings to share your insight, interpretation or ask the community for feedback and guidance. This is a dedicated space for all us to learn and work together.

Say you have a question regarding a love spread you did for yourself or a client, or unsure of the tarot card meaning in a spread, or have questions to a certain tarot or oracle deck (see Topic > Products). It’s all here and all your questions will be answered!

Please remember to follow our Community guidelines before you post:

Community Guidelines and Standards

We want this to be a welcoming space for inspiring discussion. Please keep the conversations welcoming and inviting, and following these community rules:

    1. Please be respectful of the opinions and beliefs of others
    2. Be open to ideas and opinions that may be different to yours
    3. Keep personal differences out of the discussions
    4. Keep your comments focused and on topic
    5. No self-promotion, marketing, advertising or sales pitches
    6. Maintain client privacy and confidentiality. Remove any identifiable information if you wish to share a client reading or situation
    7. If you post a reading and want help with interpreting it, give your interpretation first, then ask for help

What is shared in the forum, stays in the forum. Respect each other’s privacy and intellectual property
Contributors may not submit content that is threatening, abusive, defamatory, indecent, harassing, or offensive

If you do not follow the guidelines, you may be blocked from posting on comments, and your comments may be deleted. If you believe someone else is not following the guidelines, please let Tarot Emporium know here.

Please note: By submitting a comment to the Tarot Emporium Community Topics, you consent to permit Tarot Emporium to reproduce and publish that content (either in whole or an edited version of the posting) elsewhere on the Tarot Emporium website, in communications, and in social media forums.


Stay tuned because we are expanding our Community, Shop and adding further pages!