The Spellcasting Oracle Cards are for anyone who wishes to explore the realms of natural magic and enhance their own abilities. It has been designed to weave the magic and workings of the Old Ways with the very current issues of our modern society. From bringing anything about, including protection, true love, abundance, or a new career, each card gives wisdom, advice, and an easy-to-follow spell that the reader can safely perform to invoke the outcome that is desired.

Each spell includes magical ingredients, such as a specific herb or crystal, and instructions on how to perform the spell. The spell itself will be in the form of rhyme, adding an extra element of ceremony. The guidebook explains how to work with specific magical timings and moon phases, and gives directions to enhance spell work, ensuring that the energies are at their most potent when doing so.

By working with the mystical forces and cycles of nature, in conjunction with ancient wisdom and ritual, the Spellcasting Oracle Cards are a safe and easy divinatory method to open up magical practitioners (whether new or experienced) to their full spellcasting potential, and give them the power to create and manifest what they desire in their lives.


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This beautiful oracle card deck will guide you to combine the mystical forces and cycles of nature with ancient wisdom and your inner magic to create powerful spells.

The magical collection of spells held within the cards will empower you to enhance your life positively in every way – whether you’re seeking good luck and prosperity, peace and healing, or courage and transformation. Know that they will call you to manifest a life of positivity and purpose, share guidance and inspiration, and invite you to reclaim your true power.



Pentagram Spread

The pentagram is one of the oldest sources of protection and a portal of magic. Six cards are drawn by the person for whom you’re reading. Shuffle the deck face up before the first card is selected, then turn the deck face down and shuffle the cards again before a further five are drawn. Place the cards as shown and turn them over one at a time as you reflect on their individual meaning.

1: Present. This card represents the present situation for the person for whom you’re reading.

2: Air. This card signifies the influences of others.

3: Water. This is where the person will discover what they can learn from a situation, how they can adapt circumstances to meet needs and goals.

4: Fire. This card indicates internal conflicts at play.

5: Earth. This card indicates the overall issues surrounding them. What has made the situation stagnant?

6: Spirit. This card shows how things will be resolved if the person remains on their current path.




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