Learn which crystals create more energetic flow and balance in your chakra system and raise your vibrations. Your seven chakras are energetic centres of power and wisdom that influence all aspects of your life and the world around you.

When your chakras are aligned and in balance you’ll experience your purest self and awaken a new sense of well-being. By working closely with these Chakra Love cards you’ll gain a deep sense of self-awareness, empowerment and healing.


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Chakra Love Box, 2 cards face down, 2 cards face up

Raise Your Crystal Vibrations

Chakra comes from a long tradition and belief in the parallel existence of Human life, these being the physical human body and the subtle body, that which is a combination of the psychological and emotional. The physical body is within the physical realm whereas the subtle body is energy which can be influenced and affect the physical.

The primary chakra’s run along the spine and correspond with different colours and crystals which can raise the energy vibrations. With these cards you will be able to incorporate and harness these energies daily, with each cards corresponding crystal you can being together affirmation, chakra and crystals to enhance your physical control and raise your chakra energy.


Awaken your chakra well being

Grounding card Face up,

Confidence Card Face up

Truth Card Face Up


Grounding – Root Chakra

Crystal: Red Jasper

Sink your roots deep; connect them to the heart of the earth


Confidence – Solar Plexus Chakra

Crystal: Rutilated Quartz

No one will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. Be your own cheerleader.


Truth – Throat Chakra

Crystal: Turquoise

Speak from your heart; it is the only thing worth listening to.


Chara Love Box 3D, 6 cards face down showing varying designs.

How to use the cards

Sit Quietly. Connect. Breathe.

Shuffle the deck, close your eyes and draw any card. The crystal you choose has a chakra healing message for you; turn the card over to reveal that message. Consider what it means to you and trust it.

For more chakra healing you may choose to wear this crystal.


3 cards shown face up, crystal next to box, cards in fan position in middle



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