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Key Meanings: Love and partnerships old and new.

The 4 leaf clover represents the omen of good luck and this is the feeling of the 2 of Cups.

In the Irish tradition, the 3 – leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity. The first leaf represents the Father, the second leaf represents the Son, and the third leaf represents the Holy Spirit.

The 4 – leaf clover represents the Shamrock, the omen of good luck connected to God and the protection against evil spirits.

In legend, Eve carried the 4 – leaf clover from the Garden of Eden for good luck!

We started out with the Ace of Cups – the new beginning – the new door that opened for you, by surprise, connected to love and romance, and you felt like you were receiving a spiritual awakening or a strong message from above connected to unconditional love.

When the 2 of Cups comes out in your reading, this card represents good luck connected to love, passion, deep emotions, and the coming together and bonding of two people to form a new relationship or the re – kindling of an existing relationship.

Are you ready to unite with your partner? The 2 of Cups represents a union and secure partnership connected to trust, happiness, passion, and falling in love. The partners in union will share equal attraction and commitment with each other, culminating in a long – term relationship or marriage.

Do you love and respect yourself for the person you are? The 2 of Cups represents the love and respect you have for yourself which makes you ready to join with your partner. You feel in balance, healthy and respected for the person you are.

Are you feeling all the blocks you had from the past have finally vanished?

The 2 of Cups also represents that you are ready to give and receive love.

Are you ready to make a pledge to another? Do you feel balanced with your masculine and feminine side of yourself? Are you ready to give and receive unconditional love without fear? Do you feel like your soul is smiling at you?

The Two Of Cups Represents The Feeling Of Your Wedding Day…

The groom reaches out to his bride with his right hand (the right hand represents the yang – the masculine).

The bride reaches out to her groom with her left hand (the left hand represents the yin – the feminine).

Their right and left hands are joining together which represents their union of giving and receiving unconditional love.

A special message for you! When you give your lover a 4 – leaf clover on your wedding day it represents that you belong to each other and further represents that God is with you, with each and every step that you take together!

The 4 – leaf clover combines 4 sacred wishes of protection just for you: The first leaf represents faith, the second leaf represents hope, the third leaf represents love, and the fourth leaf represents luck.