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Key Meanings: Celebration, abundance, family, and friendship.

The Three of Cups is numerated three, which is composed of the numbers 1 + 2 = 3. The sum of the number 3 represents the completion of a goal, project, venture or a long awaited dream. The number 3 is also a very spiritual number and represents the timing of a special celebration!

The number 1 represents the (Ace of Cups). Remember we started out with the Ace of Cups – the new beginning – the new door that opened for you, by surprise, connected to love and romance, and you felt like you were receiving a spiritual awakening or a strong message from above connected to unconditional love.

The number 2 represents the (Two of Cups). Remember the Two of Cups represented good luck connected to love, passion, deep emotions, and the coming together and bonding of two people to form a new relationship or the re – kindling of an existing relationship.

The number 3 represents the (Three of Cups). When the 3 of Cups comes out in your reading, this card represents weddings, the birth of a child, and achieving a long – awaited goal or dream. The 3 of Cups represents celebrations, joyous and merriment occasions when your emotions are running high and your heart is happy and beating like a musical instrument.

There is a warm and joyous feeling about this card which represents the deep love and respect that you share with your lover, children, family and friends. You may feel lucky and blessed that you have this group of people in your life because you know they are true and loving people that care about you.

This is a time of happiness and celebrating with others which may include family reunions, parties, bridal showers, receptions, christenings, and weddings. This is a happy time in which you will enjoy yourself, and the people in your life will have great meaning.

The Three of Cups also represents reaching out to others. All work and no play is not healthy and this card is asking you to reexamine all your priorities and connect more with your friends. Companionship is part of life and meeting up with your friends is a very important part of staying happy, balanced and healthy.