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Key Meanings: Theft and dishonesty.

The Seven of Swords represent relationship conflicts caused by the choices you make and common name for this card is “the thief.”

The Swords usually indicate a struggle or conflict, or a possible decision that you’ll make about separating from your past attachments. There is a desire to find the truth that will shed light on your situation, so you’ll act on it and find closure.

The Seven of Swords is enumerated seven and represents deception and betrayal. There is a military camp or prison in the background with raised flags that announce changes and provide alerts. The dark colour of these flags indicate deviousness and mystery.

A dark-haired Archetype has escaped the military camp with Seven Swords, but leaves two of them behind. The Five of Swords the Archetype carries represent overstepping boundaries, fate and destiny.

The two planted swords represent the Archetype’s relationship that he was unable to bring back into balance. He decides that the only way to balance this relationship is by planting the two swords as gravestones. The Archetype is sneaking away on tiptoe!

Traditionally, the message is to protect your belongings and property.

In general, we can think of this as a potential transgression – you may encounter a challenge to your position, an individual invading your space, or in relationships, a selfish partner who takes too much emotionally, or at worst, defrauds you.

As the suit of Swords relates to intellect, you’ll need to use your instincts and wits about you to discover the truth.

This card can also show legal problems, and unfair or fraudulent business dealings.