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Key Meanings: Speed and action.

The Knight of Wands is connected to the astrological fire sign of Sagittarius. The Wands are connected to the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere and the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Knight is another Prince, connected to the Royal Court in the Tarot. He is the Page’s older brother, growing into his role, as the next King.

The Knight represents the spark of creativity that will enter your life suddenly, which may represent a time of travel, a sudden relocation or move, a change of job or career.

The Knight may also represent a new lover entering your life, or a lover that is ready to leave your life. The timing of this card is fast and you can expect something to happen with sudden rapidity!

If you look closely at the card, you will see the Knight is in a big hurry, the hoofs of his horse are rearing off the ground to move at a blazing speed.

The Knight of Wands represents fire, but fire is also a metaphor for action, speed and desire. The Knights left hand is controlling the reins of his horse which represents that he is in control of his surroundings, and his environment does not control him. His wand represents his guiding north star that will lead him in the right direction.

The Sagittarius fire sign represents strength, courage, pride, drive, and vitality, and is known as the explorer who is always on the move and radiates a need to feel free to be at peace with himself.

When the Knight of Wands comes in your reading, you are going to be consumed by restless creativity.

The Knight of Wands also represents a person that is about to change their residence. In fact, they are always changing everything, including the places they live, their cars, jobs, clothes, friends, lovers, just about everything they touch.

Since the Knight is young, he is still learning about himself and going through a growing phase that requires him to be constantly on the move and seeking change.

His impatience deters him from waiting idly, and there is no holding him back from his desire to be on the move. He is charming, enthusiastic, fun, passionate, and a good lover.