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Key Meanings: A charismatic man.

The King of Cups often comes up in readings to show the ideal romantic partner, who is unafraid of intimacy while having stability and appropriate boundaries. It can predict fatherhood and children, too.

As a person: The King of Cups shows a warmhearted, charismatic male. He might be an academic, lawyer, advisor, businessman, scientist or artist. In his work, he follows his intuition.

In friendships, he is sociable, but, like his counterpart the Queen of Cups, is sensitive and needs to choose his closest friends wisely. For this reason he may have one or two confidants and a wide circle of acquaintances.

While being empathic, at times he tries to control his feelings and can come across as distant. He often needs time to process his intense emotions before sharing them.

As the “you” card in a reading: Follow your heart.

As an influence: A need exists to settle a conflict, either within yourself or between you and others, usually in a work or family situation. You are unsure whether to be logical or left-field, to go with the consensus or go with a hunch. If in doubt, follow your intuition and let your heart rule.

In negotiations, use all your charm and empathy. When others feel that you are really engaged with them, they will drop their defences and communication will improve.



The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (A Beginner’s Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot) by Liz Dean