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Key Meanings: Restlessness and boredom.

If you are looking for a relationship, the Four of Cups shows disillusion. This card often comes up if you have been hurt in the past and protect yourself with a checklist, instantly rejecting anyone who doesn’t live up to your exacting standards – to the degree that even if your soul  mate came along right now, you wouldn’t recognise his or her potential.

The Four of Cups reflects four (4) different situations which are very emotional and if you look closer at the card you will see the water in the background is deep blue and choppy which represents turbulent emotions and this is the feeling of the 4 of Cups!

Here are the four short stories about the Four Golden Cups:

The First Golden Cup: One is daydreaming about someone else they long to be with. They are bored with their relationship and thinking about having an affair because the attraction they had for their partner has vanished! All they think about is having a fling with another person they are attracted to!

The person represented in this card is dreaming and having unfaithful thoughts, but not acting on them yet. The feelings of this card are dangerous because one may think the grass is greener on the other side and act on it, and then regret their error later on.

The Second Golden Cup: One is depressed, and will not get help or reach out to their friends. One was hurt in a relationship, in the past, and is stubborn and wants to go it alone, refusing to let others in their life because they want to be isolated.

This isolation has become an issue because nothing gets resolved or healed. Rather, it is stagnated.

The Third Golden Cup: One has opportunities that will be ignored because they are not ready to act on anything new and do not want to be pushed.

There may be someone in their life that has come along and is offering love, but they are going to turn it down out of stubbornness. They are firmly set in their ways and cling to what they know best. They are impervious to change because they turn everything inward and want to live in isolation.

The Fourth Golden Cup: Did you know the pillars in this card represent endings and new beginnings? Did you know the 3 pillars on the left represent endings, and the 3 pillars on the right represent new beginnings?

The young man in this card is sitting on the hill of endings and new beginnings because he has realised that he is not ready to make a choice whether to end his relationship or start anew.

He has realised that his personal weaknesses, the golden cups of love, temptation, and something very valuable that he wants and desires has caused all the confusion in his life and led him to the place that he is at right now, a place of confusion, restless and feeling unhappy. He also has realised that any decisions he would make at this time would not be the right choice.

You may think you’re ready for love, but there may be some past issues still to heal. If you’re in an established relationship, the Four of Cups shows a tinge of boredom. This may be a phase, and if so, it’s time to inject some romance, otherwise you may find yourself staying in a relationships out of habit.