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Key Meanings: A test of resources.

The traditional meaning of the Five of Pentacles is financial loss, so when it shows up in a reading, it can mean losing a job or a relationship or experiencing some other financial or emotional hardship.

The positive aspect is that you can find support from others in a similar position.

These contacts may become good friends whom you may never have met in your usual circumstances.

Consider new options, and you may discover another resource or approach that will help you see a way forward. However, this card often comes up in readings to show a fear of poverty and isolation, rather than actual poverty.

The Five of Pentacles also commonly shows a fear of losing the security of home and/or the aftermath of a relationship breakup, with one partner feeling alone and depleted.

It occasionally reveals the impact of bereavement.

While tarot cards do not predict death, the Five of Pentacles when in the present/situation position in a reading (rather than the future position) can reflect the feelings of sadness as a result of losing someone close.



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