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Key Meanings: Loss, leaving, and sorrow.

Is going back a backwards step?

Are you missing your ex-lover or ex-spouse and wondering whether to reconcile? This card suggests you’re stuck in the past and “crying over spilt milk” rather than seeing what’s in front or behind you (the last 2 cups standing). Are you stuck in the past and not allowing yourself to move on?

The fallen cups represent a relationship that has ended. If you look closely, there is two cups that is still standing and this cup represents a new relationship or opportunities in the future, and possibly the right one, this time, but the man cannot see this right now because he is still stuck in the past and full of sorrow.

Perhaps an ex has contacted you out of the blue and now you feel confused about whether you should ‘give it another try’.

When the 5 of Cups appears it can be suggesting that you’ve been a bit hasty in ending a love relationship and now have doubts about it.

If the way forward is not clear, and you are confused about whether to try for reconciliation, first ask yourself why you are considering it?

People usually have specific reasons why they end relationships. Take a cold hard look at the past and reconnect with the feelings you experienced when you broke up. What was truly missing from that relationship?

Has anything changed?

Far too many people allow themselves to fall into what I call yo-yo relationships out of weakness and neediness, when they would be much better off forging ahead on their own for a while. ‘Solo’ is probably better than ‘yoyo’!

For a relationship to succeed long term, both partners MUST want the same or at least similar things from the relationship. It does not matter if you are both extremely physically attracted to one another and compatible on many levels, if you want different things from the relationship it will ultimately bring pain, sorrow and failure.

In this kind of situation going back is definitely a backwards step for you romantically. You have a better chance of attracting success in love with someone new.

However, if you have a strong sense that you ended a relationship prematurely, didn’t give it enough time or perhaps enough effort or attention, then the 5 of Cups is telling you to reach out for them – your relationship may still have a chance if you can both work through this together. The key word here is ‘together’ – this only works if you BOTH want it to!

If you find the 5 of Cups resonates with you, I recommend you take some time to reflect carefully on whether going back is right for you or not. The chances of success will pretty much depend on the ‘tone’ of the energy you bring to the situation. If you leap at an offer of reconciliation driven by a fear of loneliness and heartache, you’re bringing that scarcity and negativity with you. Chances are, you’re going to end up back where you are now, a little more hurt and a little more disillusioned.

On the other hand, if you realise you and your partner both made mistakes, and you can both get excited and passionate about ‘having another go’, your combined positivity may be enough to blow the old cobwebs away and bring a fresh new perspective to your relationship, and propel you both into a deeper, more profound and exquisite love and respect for each other.

I wish you luck, love and happiness.