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Key Meanings: News, moving fast, and travel.

When this card shows up you know things are about to happen. It is the perfect card for the energy of spring. Nature awakening with a focus on swift action and potential. One moment there is only bare branches and the next moment there is an abundance of colour, fragrance and blossoms on the tree.

It is the day that everything happens simultaneously and at ten times the normal speed. On days like this not only the good news you were waiting for comes in, but you also get an unexpected offer at work, and the refund on a long forgotten bill, and a date with that special someone! Abundance and variety, with the compliments of nature.

A perfect day for flirting, needless to say. Everybody seems awakened to the pleasure of playfulness.

It’s one of those days that you feel like a surfer (and since we are fantasising… we’re surfing in Bali). Spending the day leisurely in the water. Great waves, good people around, it’s sunny. Then, all of a sudden you see the beginning of a wave. And before you know it, there it is. The big one. The perfect, beautiful and mighty wave. This is what you hoped for. This is what you were waiting for. So jump, grab the moment and play!

Experience force, skill and magic in action.

Arthur Crowley calls the eight of wands “Swiftness”. Pointing to the energy aspect of the card. Seize the moment. Take the opportunity that is presented. Move swiftly to secure your goal and your position. Act upon your desire, your ambition, that what drives you forth.

The energy on this card is all about YOU. What spurs you on, what have you set in motion lately.

Expect quick action on a desire or a project. It is all about the process. Expect abundant opportunity.