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Key Meanings: Enterprise, career, travel and beginnings.

All the Aces represent new beginnings, and in the case of the Ace of Wands, this can indicate the arising of exciting new opportunities – especially in the area of work and career. When the Ace of Wands shows up in your readings, you may want to consider the direction you are taking in your career.

Because the Ace of Wands represents dynamic energy, drive, ambition and passion, it can also herald exciting and fast moving change in your love life, or the creative aspects of your life. So be ready for a heating up of the romantic front!

In its most positive sense, the Ace of Wands represents the illumination, energy and passion that will help you accelerate towards your goals.


What is it about pursuing the things we’re so passionate about that leaves most of us dreaming about putting it off until “tomorrow?” Perhaps we’re busy going to school, establishing our careers, raising our families, making ends meet, etc. and just don’t feel that we have time. Or perhaps we don’t believe we deserve to be a part of something more magical and special than we’re already a part of, so we settle for just getting by.

The Ace of Wands is a card of inspiration: it’s that fire that burns inside of each of us that even when it flickers or goes dim, it never completely dies out. It’s the spark of imagination, self-expression and passion that permits us to allow our “wildest dreams” to manifest — even if only in our dreams.

What does this mean for you and how can you apply it to your own life? I see the Aces as “Mars” type energies — not the forceful, aggressive aspects of Mars, but the more creative dynamic aspects. With that in mind, here are a few areas that each of us — through our Sun or Mars signs — might funnel that Ace of Wands type energy:

Aries: High energy or daring activities, anything that gets your adrenalin pumping: martial arts, entering a marathon or climbing a mountain, para-sailing, sky diving, etc. pursuing a career in law (or law enforcement), military, politics; making and checking off a bucket list, taking risks, facing your fears, being “first” at something.

Taurus: Working in business, banking, payroll, finance; getting in touch with nature, craftsmanship: working with raw materials (minerals, gems, flowers, wood), decorating, remodelling, building, gardening, landscaping, singing or doing voice-overs, cooking, design, becoming an epicure or connoisseur, body building, endurance training.

Gemini: Sales, teaching, writing, speaking, stand-up comedy or improv, multi-tasking, working with your hands: magic, juggling, piano, etc.; fashion design, marketing, advertising, merchandising, social networking; working with facts and figures, mentor-ing adolescents and teens, getting involved in your neighbourhood or community.

Cancer: Owning land, buying or building a home, taking care of loved ones, having (or working with) children, adopting or fostering a child, working with families in crisis; researching your family history, writing your memoirs, flipping houses, building a nest egg, taking a cruise, traveling via motor-home.

Leo: Creative pursuits: theatre, drama, dance, music, performance art, etc.; getting involved in the entertainment industry (stylist, publicist, agent); designing jewellery or working with hair, makeup and fashion, taking on a leadership role, becoming a life coach or motivational speaker, empowering others; practicing self-love.

Virgo: Working with computers, internet or technology (programming, web design, repair), quality control; efficiency or service-oriented industries, health care: nursing, dietitian, mental health, studying astrology, numerology, tarot; going raw, vegan, organic; finding your “calling”; volunteering at an animal shelter, adopting a pet.

Libra: Creating beauty — art, music, fashion, etc., forming a partnership; working with balancing head & heart, career & family, self & others; pursuing a degree in law, mediation, counselling or fine art; working in public relations, human resources or graphic / interior design. Teaching etiquette; finding your soul mate or “other half.”

Scorpio: Playing the stock market, pursuing a degree in psychology or medicine (oncology, trauma, abuse, assault), estate planning, criminology, etc., hospice, working with domestic abuse or rape victims; research and analysis; getting in touch with your sexuality, learning to trust, forgiving those who’ve betrayed you; merging with another.

Sagittarius: Traveling to — or living and working in — other countries; studying religion, culture, foreign affairs; learning another language; pursuing a higher degree; embarking on a spiritual journey, going on a safari, communing with nature and the great outdoors; lecturing, public speaking, publishing, tutoring. Animal husbandry.

Capricorn: Starting a business, building a brand, delegating responsibility; studying history, architecture, archaeology, paleontology, physics; appraising property and antiques; working in construction and development, management or authority positions, as college professor, working with the elderly; dentistry, chiropractics.

Aquarius: Working with computers and technology, engineering, science, astronomy, math, quantum physics; social work; social justice, fighting for equality, devoting yourself to a cause; studying astrology or metaphysics; being a social activist; organising group events; studying weather and earth changes; humanitarian pursuits.

Pisces: spiritual pursuits, volunteer work; working with those less fortunate; pharmaceuticals, drug testing, bartending; drug counselling; film-making; music, photography, poetry; meditation; psychic pursuits; animation, dream analysis; forgiving yourself and others; learning unconditional love; practicing random acts of kindness.