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Key Meanings: Love, relationships, and beginnings.


This is an exciting card! When you see it in a reading, it means that new love is coming into your life. You are about to go through a journey of the realm of your heart.

Aces always signify new beginnings so a new relationship may begin, or you may find a new source of love, comfort and joy in your life.

Sometimes this card can also signify new life, such as the conception of a long awaited baby, or finding a new lease on life with a positive change or awakening of a new passion.

With the Ace of Cups, the feelings are very pure but powerful. The emotion is like a burst of natural energy. This is because true love is the strongest energy that exists and it is eternal.

The card I have sent you today depicts Aphrodite, the goddess of love and the essence of divine feminine beauty. The cup she holds in her hand symbolises the womb and the water symbolises fertility.

When we approach the Tarot hoping to hear confirmation that good things are coming our way, we can’t do much better than drawing the Ace of Cups! While so many of the Tarot Minor Arcana seem to beg for second card to clarify their message, the Ace of Cups provides a blessedly clear answer all by herself.

We’ve all had those times in our lives when we find ourselves thirsting. Whether we are hoping to be quenched by the love of someone dear; by insight into the “real story” behind a current relationship; or by achieving the success of which we’ve always dreamed, the sparkling, overflowing Ace of Cups with its golden chalice imagery speaks to us of abundance and happiness there for the taking.

Look just a tiny bit closer, and you will be rewarded with a gentle reminder on how life’s blessings are best received — for the open, raised cup gently reminds us that to fully enjoy all that is ours to have we must offer ourselves openly to the Universe– with trust and expectation. The return for our trust is nothing shy of a true outpouring.

Like all Cup cards, the Ace speaks to heart-centred feeling and healing and embodies the element of water. When the card is set before you, it’s easy to focus on the golden cup, but it’s wise to take a moment or two and focus on the water, itself.

With the flow of its five streams, the less obvious message from the Ace may well be that of purification and transformation. If you approach your reading with the desire to begin a life change or with the hope of washing away your past fears and dreams and are turning toward a path that you hope will lead to a life very different than the one you are currently living then, too, you will be heartened to turn the Ace of Cups.

We often find the Ace of Cups appearing in questions related to marriages, business partnerships, engagements and even conceptions. Just like a raised glass at any celebration, seen in its upright position this overflowing goblet promises just that – a celebration (sometimes even literal) of a happy and positive outcome.

With her artistic, majestic depictions, the Ace of Cups is truly a testament to all that can await us in the situation we are inquiring about.

Here’s wishing each of you an Ace of Cups kind of day!