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Key Meanings: Love and relationships, maturity, and decisions.

Have you ever had a situation in your love life when you were faced with a choice and found it really difficult to know who to choose or what to do?? Perhaps you’re facing such a dilemma at this moment in time?

I thought I’d address this particular issue today, as so many of our visitors here at Lotus are looking for guidance from the Tarot in such a situation.

The Lovers card is the card to look out for in your readings; it represents a time of choice and dilemma that could have a significant impact on your life.

You may be faced with a choice between suitors or lovers, or whether to stay in a relationship/marriage or leave, and when it comes to affairs of the heart, knowing which is the right choice can be very difficult indeed.

The Lovers card signifies intimate relationships and physical attraction to another, and it’s also about struggling with temptation and establishing who or what you really care about.

The emotion and desire associated with this card is powerful and represents deep love. Sometimes it may not refer to intimate relationships but to a force that draws two entities together – people, ideas, events or groups.

The Lovers signifies a tough decision and is symbolic of the need to overcome temptation when at a crossroads in your life. This card suggests a need to maintain a firm belief in yourself, and trust that your own moral values and principles will show you the right path, even when intoxicating forces are tempting you to take the wrong one.

Maturity and integrity are needed, as temptation to opt for the ‘easier’ or ‘most exciting’ option may lead to hurt and disappointment. However, The Lovers card suggests that sometimes in life, taking a risk can promise greater reward in love.

You may feel trapped and unhappy in a loveless relationship or marriage and want to leave, yet you fear taking the risk. However, letting go of a relationship that brings no pleasure allows you to be free to attract new love into your life. This is a risk that could well bring you greater love and joy.

The risk or temptation that may not always prove so positive is indulging in a sexual affair when married or in a committed relationship. It’s true that sometimes we fall out of love with our spouse or partner and in love with someone else, and such choices can lead to new and more fulfilling relationships, but such temptation can often lead to trouble. Only you can be the judge of whether your choices are right for you.

That’s easier said than done you might say!!! Of course you’re right! That’s why The Lovers card represents a dilemma, a time of choice that could have a major impact on your life.

So when this card comes up in your reading and you have a significant choice to make, look to your heart and core values to help guide you to the right decision.

Several of the membership readings are helpful in a choice situation:

the ‘letting go’ reading – a simple two card spread suggesting what you most need to let go of and what you will gain by doing so both the ‘choices’ readings (love & relationship choices and financial choices) and of course ‘what can I expect from my love life’

Quite often when I am faced with a key decision or choice, whether it concerns love and relationships or career and money, I focus on a question such as ‘should I stay or leave?’ and I then do one of each reading on the site.

I look for the cards and messages that keep repeating, and use this ‘common’ theme to help guide me.