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Key Meanings: Patience, tension, and strength.

When the Strength card comes up in your readings, it can represent the need for you to show courage in the face of adversity and, more importantly, the courage and strength to be true to yourself.

How easy it is for us to submit to our weaker nature and to accept the unacceptable or to behave in a cowardly way and refuse to stand up for what we believe is right or for what we rightly deserve.

This card represents courage, willpower, mental strength and self-belief, and it often appears when we are feeling fearful or afraid of standing up for ourselves. Whatever challenges you may have to face when this card appears, you must draw on your own inner strength and courage to deal with them.

It is a signal to ignore your insecurities and self-doubt and also to fight back against any aggressors or oppressors in your life, not physically, but with strength of character and integrity.

Whether you are dealing with a lover or partner who bullies or dominates you, going to your employer to say you are being undervalued and are worth more, or refusing to be tempted into behaviour that you feel uncomfortable with morally, you can harness your own inner courage and strength to overcome such issues if you put your mind to it.

The Strength card is about proving yourself by improving your own sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

Assertiveness, confidence and proactive action are all good signs of harnessing your own strength and courage. Cowardice, loss of nerve and inertia are signs that you are yet to find that courage.

I was once told that the letters in the word FEAR stand for “False Evidence Appearing Real”, and the fact is that most of what we fear never ever happens.

The combination of self-belief, determination and the willingness to take a risk has helped me to conquer many challenges in my life and to achieve some great results too.

Look for the hero inside yourself when the Strength card appears.