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Key Meanings: Balance, perception, objectivity, legal, and logic.

Life can be fair and just, and justice will be served if logic, fairness and a sound sense of judgment prevails.

The Justice card, needless to say, often represents legal issues or events; most traditional Tarot cards feature the sword and scales. When this card appears in a reading concerning legal affairs such as divorce proceedings, alimony payments or any legal battle, it is normally a positive sign that any ruling will be in your favour.

The card can also represent contracts and agreements so, again, it can be a good omen for business deals and proposals.

It is a card that suggests you seek or give sound advice based on cool logic and reason. In other words, it is best not to allow unruly emotions to influence you in any situation where legal issues are a concern.

In a situation where the Justice card is surrounded by negative cards, it can mean that an injustice could be experienced or that a legal ruling may go against you. Tread carefully when such cards come up and certainly seek wise counsel. It would be best not to make any hasty or impulsive decisions when such a reading comes up.

In relation to business deals or proposals, negative cards around the Justice card could mean you may be unsuccessful in securing a deal or contract. Here too, it would be wise to seek further advice and exercise caution.

However, there is a greater or deeper meaning to the Justice card beyond its legal ramifications. It is deemed a very karmic card, a card of adjustment and fairness at a more spiritual level.

When it appears in your reading, it can mean that if you have been the victim of ill will or misfortune, the wrong will be put right and fate will turn in your favour. Issues of honesty, integrity and idealism are paramount when this card appears.