COVID-19 Updates

Victoria and Western Australia Delivery Delays

Australia Post have advised an additional 3 business day delay for deliveries to Victoria. There has been a massive increase in online shopping in general from Victoria, and with these volumes and the current government level-4 restrictions in place, it means deliveries are being delayed.

Please note that Post Offices are confirmed to remain fully open in Victoria.

Deliveries to Western Australia are seeing some delays as social-distancing measures have affected parcel sorting in Perth.

Australia Post are working hard to adjust their operations and are re-routing parcels bound for other states to assist in not over-burdening the Victorian network.

Australia Post Delivery Delays

Australia Post continues to manage significant challenges in delivering parcels due to high demand from increased online shopping, domestic flights stopping, as well as implementing social distancing processes in their operations centres.

New Zealand Delivery Delays

The dramatic reduction in trans-Tasman flights, increased demand, as well as the implementation of social distancing processes amongst our delivery partners in New Zealand, means that there are delays being experienced by customers throughout New Zealand including the major cities.

Please allow an additional 2-3 days for delivery in New Zealand above the usual timeframes.

Supply Chain Delays

The situation in other countries and around Australia regarding freight transport for our suppliers, access to flights and lock-downs means that there are some disruptions in stock availability. Should we encounter any difficulties, we will communicate to you as soon as we are able, in a clear and transparent way what those issues are and how we are going to mitigate them.